NEW OPENING FOR A SEVERO OCHOA POSTDOC POSITION: "Postdoctoral researcher with experience in the analysis of very-high-energy gamma-ray data from Cherenkov arrays"

April, 7th 2020
SO-IAA postdoc
(3) Galaxy Evolution and Cosmology

IAA-CSIC offers a two-year postdoctoral contract in the framework of the “Severo Ochoa” Project of the Institute. The researcher is expected to carry out their activity in the “Galaxy Evolution and Cosmology” research line of the project. In particular, the researcher will work in the wake of the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) Group of the IAA-CSIC.

The CTA Group at the IAA-CSIC includes five astrophysicists and two software engineers from three different scientific departments at the institute. The group develops different scientific research lines for the study of blazars and relativistic jets in AGN, SNE/SNR, GRBs, and other transient sources including those related to the emission of gravitational waves, from a multi-spectral-range and a multi-messenger perspective. The participation of the IAA-CTA in CTA also involves the development of new software for data analysis of CTA in general, and LST in particular.


Active participation on the scientific development of CTA, as well as on the scientific exploitation of the first scientific data from LST in La Palma, Spain. Moreover, the candidate will contribute to the development of LST and CTA data analysis software, both as a user of scientific data, and as a developer.


Well experienced postdoctoral researcher with demonstrated experience in the analysis of very-high-energy gamma-ray data from Cherenkov arrays, preferentially with MAGIC. The candidate should also be an experienced specialist on the astrophysics of relativistic jets in AGN. Additional experience on SNE/SNR, GRBs, and/or other transients will be an advantage.

Period (months): 
24 months

The fellowships include a competitive salary and full health insurance. Selected candidates will be included in SO-IAA grants, which provide additional funds for scientific visits, attendance to advanced schools and workshops, and other training activities.

IAA is an equal opportunity institution. Applications to this program by female scientists are particularly encouraged.

Should you need any further information or assistance concerning the application, please contact the IAA at severoochoa[at]