NEW OPENING FOR A SEVERO OCHOA POSTDOC POSITION: "Characterization of escaping exo-atmospheres through observations and modelling"

March, 31st 2020
SO-IAA postdoc
(1) Towards the understanding of the planetary systems

IAA-CSIC offers a two years postdoctoral contract in the framework of the Project “Severo Ochoa”. Candidates are expected to carry out their activity in the research line of Planetary Systems.


1) To study the atmospheric escape over a wide sample of gaseous planets by analysing the He triplet absorption observations. The analysis will be performed with 1D models in a first instance. The development/application of 3D models to provide more realistic atmospheric escape estimations are also foreseen.

2) To characterize the atmospheres of the Ultra Hot Jupiters by the analyses of high-resolution ground-based measurements in the visible. This is planned to be carried out by submitting proposals to current ground-based instrumentation and the application of 3D chemistry and radiative transfer models.

- Ability for writing compelling research proposals for ground-based and space instruments
- Ability for developing/applying atmospheric models
- Ability for carrying out independent research researching, yet in synergy with a research team, and leadership would be highly appreciated.
- Expertise on scientific programming (Fortran, Python, IDL, ...) and fluent in English are essential.

Period (months): 
24 months

The fellowships include a competitive salary and full health insurance. Selected candidates will be included in SO-IAA grants, which provide additional funds for scientific visits, attendance to advanced schools and workshops, and other training activities.

IAA is an equal opportunity institution. Applications to this program by female scientists are particularly encouraged.

Should you need any further information or assistance concerning the application, please contact the IAA at severoochoa[at]