NEW OPENING FOR A SEVERO OCHOA POSTDOC POSITION: "Identification and characterization of galaxy populations in the J-PAS survey"

April, 8th 2020
SO-IAA postdoc
(3) Galaxy Evolution and Cosmology

IAA-CSIC offers a two-year postdoctoral contract in the framework of the Project “Severo Ochoa”. Candidates are expected to carry out their activity in the research line of Galaxy Evolution. In particular, the candidates will work in the scientific exploitation of the data from the J-PAS survey ( and within the Galaxy Evolution science working group of the J-PAS collaboration, and Dra. Rosa González Delgado.


The specific tasks to be developed will be:
- Identification and characterization of Luminous red galaxies (LRGs) and emission line galaxies (ELGs)
- Luminosity and mass function of galaxies and their evolution.
- Stellar formation histories (SFH), and evolution of the formation rate density of the Universe.
- Development of new algorithms that incorporate the PDFs of photometric redshifts into that of SFHs.
- Verification of the quality of the first JPCam data.
- Synergy with other surveys such as HSC (Subaru), Alhambra, WEAVE-StePS
- Synergy with the J-PAS-WEAVE/MOS project
- Synergy with the J-PAS cosmology group for the determination of the density of LRG and ELG galaxies as large-scale structure tracers.
- Synergy with the "Galaxy Clusters" group in studies related to the mass function of clusters and "weak lensing".

Well experienced postdoctoral researcher with demonstrated experience in the analysis of data of large panchromatic surveys; specifically:

- Consolidated scientific work in the field of "Galaxy Evolution
- Expert in the development of galaxy SED (spectral)-photometric analysis codes
- Experience in the analysis of data from the J-PAS, J-PLUS, Alhambra or similar mappings
- Expert in the use of Python, and other programming packages in Astrophysics
- Experience in data mining, database

Period (months): 
24 months

The fellowships include a competitive salary and full health insurance. Selected candidates will be included in SO-IAA grants, which provide additional funds for scientific visits, attendance to advanced schools and workshops, and other training activities.

IAA is an equal opportunity institution. Applications to this program by female scientists are particularly encouraged.

Should you need any further information or assistance concerning the application, please contact the IAA at severoochoa[at]